Welcome to my world.  I love the magic of creativity, the sacred of ritual and the manifestation of spirituality. I have been fortunate enough during my life to be able to follow a number of roads which have led me to discover all sorts of magic about people, things, and ideas and how to bring joy and hope back into life. I would love to share some of these with you. My artwork has evolved from ceramics when I was at school, through porcelain painting, water colour painting, acrylics and multimedia to my current love of working with glass. I am also a Transpersonal Art Therapist which really brings the two loves of my life together…. the spiritual and the creative. My work with the sacred has been a long, and sometimes challenging, personal journey of awakening. Along the way I have discovered the power of energy work, meditation, symbolism, dream work, transpersonal psychology and esoteric studies. I have journeyed with Shamans, drummed with indigenous people, sang the song lines of the land, discovered the ‘power of now’ for myself and learned from many teachers and gurus. I study the Tao; try to always live mindfully and consciously on purpose. I believe strongly in helping facilitate others to find their purpose and their power, to share in the abundance that I perceive in the world and believe that we all have the courage to become our real selves, bringing forth our light and love as spiritual beings having a human and physical experience..