Pearls of Wisdom

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 I created the Pearls of Wisdom cards in 2000 to reflect what I believed to be the new awareness that was coming in. But I look at them now and see that they really are old wisdom just in a new package and they are still, as relevant now, as they were when I created them.

Each card is one of my abstract water colour painting and a saying. I invite you to interpret them yourself, both the words and the pictures. For one person a shape might look like a whale’s tail and for another, the same shape seems to be the sea in a fury. Whatever the interpretation you make, there is no right or wrong answer, the Pearls of Wisdom cards are just a means to an end. The goal is to open new possibilities and evoke your imagination.

There are 45 cards and a leaflet that has suggestions of how the cards may be used. I trust they will bring you delight and joy.

Card 21 Unique contribution Final

 Getting Started.

 When you shuffle the cards, you create an energetic link with them, aligning your energy and theirs. This connection opens the gateway for the Universal wisdom to become your own personal wisdom. If you intend drawing cards for another person, keep the person in your mind whilst you shuffle.

 As you shuffle the deck, focus on a situation, relationship or area of your life that is causing you concern and ask for help to resolve it. However, your question can be: “What Pearls of Wisdom do I need to know… for my Highest Good?”

 Honoring the Universal Law of Attraction, you will be drawn to choose the card or cards that apply perfectly to your question or situation. Some cards seem to attract you to them, appearing to be different from others, or somehow magnetized, asking to be chosen. Respond to this, it is your intuition at work.

 Take note of any cards that appear to “jump” out of the pack. These usually carry very strong messages that need your immediate attention.Card 58 singing soul Final

 The traditional way to do a reading is to shuffle the cards and then draw cards from a deck that is face down. As these cards come from the new paradigm of empowerment, they work more effectively if you lay them out on a table and choose the cards by the images that appeal to you.

 In deciding which cards to choose, allow the pictures and symbols to influence you, but try not to read the words of wisdom until after you have selected the cards. This is called “vibrational tuning.”

 Each of the cards has an individual energy, some more subtle than others, so you might find that some cards draw you immediately whilst others seem to “build up” their attraction to you. Thus, by laying the cards out, face up, you will allow each of the cards to activate in its own time.

 It is important to note the cards that don’t appeal to you, as well. They reflect your “hidden” agenda. These cards indicate where you have imbalances or resistance in your life.

 Sometimes when you are strongly attracted to a card, you will feel reluctant to put it back into the pack even after the reading is complete. You are responding to an energetic connection. It will remain strong until the “downloading” is complete. The card is handing over its energetic wisdom. It is speaking to you on a cellular level. Allow this to happen by keeping the card in sight until the need to see it dissipates. By doing this, you are supporting and adding to, your intellectual understanding and absorption of the wisdom.

 The symbols and pictures on the cards are watercolour paintings that invite YOUR interpretation and are designed not to limit your understanding of their message, but to enhance your ability to realise your own answers.

Card 11 Encouragement builds Confidence Final


 Individual cards can be used as an aid to meditation. Free your imagination and encourage yourself to see the play of light and dark, the texture of the colours and how they interact with each other. If the image appears to change, watch the energy of the card as it seems to move through the image. It can appear to flow down into a spiral and then seem to reverse and flow back outwards again. It can move, drawing your eye into and away from the image itself. This is what is known as a “conscious meditation.”

You can also use the cards in a more traditional closed-eyes meditation by focusing on one of the images for a few minutes and then carrying it into your mind’s eye. Again, the image will appear to be alive and will change. Trust your instincts and allow the energy to flow, as it becomes an internal moving meditation. This form of meditation can be helpful in the subtle dissolving of preconceived ideas and resistance on an unconscious level. It also encourages you to interpret the message on an energetic level and will often lead to wonderful insights.

Card 52 Mirrors for each other Final

 Working with Groups.

 Pearls of Wisdom cards may also be used to gain insights into the dynamics of a group.

Use the cards to find new perspectives and choices when dealing with the group’s agenda. It can be a very powerful exercise. By laying the cards out on a table and encouraging people to choose cards that they are drawn to, the group begins to interact on an energetic level. Interesting connections are made as harmonies and polarities are discovered. To gain the most out of this exercise, it is useful to have an outside person to be an observer and facilitator as the group processes their chosen cards. It is important to have a clear intention or objective before starting this exercise, as it helps to resolve the issues and form a focused direction for the group to follow.

Card 22 Multi dimentional puzzle  Final

 Past, Present and Future Readings.

By drawing just three cards you can do a Past, Present and Future reading. Traditionally this is done by choosing cards from a face down deck. The first card drawn is for the past, the second for the present, and the final card is for the future. The cards are then read in the order in which they were laid down left to right. To go further into the past or the future, merely lay out more cards in the appropriate direction, indicating the time frame as you draw the cards.

Card 17 Bubbles of Spontaneity Final

Twelve month Reading.

A reading can be done for a whole year by laying out twelve cards facedown, clockwise in a circle, beginning at twelve o’clock. The first card is for the current month. If you want insight into the past twelve months, the clock circle may again be used, but the cards should be laid out in an anti-clockwise direction to energetically indicate that you are requesting wisdom about the past.

 Be aware that sometimes a situation is made more confusing by knowing too many details or asking too many questions. Clarity comes, most often, with simplicity and succinctness. Try to ask one question that is to the point and focused rather than a number of more general questions.

Card 15 Instinct Final 


Remember, the greatest wisdom to follow is your own intuition.

  If you feel guided to use the cards in a different way, do so!

Pearls of Wisdom insight cards were inspired by my own spiritual journey. They come from believing in a philosophy of empowering people though offering new perspectives and bringing them to a point of choice. I drew insights from my experiences of being a mother, wife, daughter, artist and friend but often felt that there was a much greater influencing presence that I was responding to when I was working on the Pearls of Wisdom Cards.

 Again my vision is to re-awaken everyone’s natural connection with the Universal energy and its wisdom. I created these cards to share my belief in love and abundance, wisdom and insight.

 May they bring you Light, Love and Laughter.


Card 62 Sitting still in Natture Final