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The Lost Bird Found Project in North Sydney

This is an ongoing project supported by North Sydney Council for people to engage in and help shape a community experience.

There will be a number of workshops run by different community groups to make birds in all shapes and forms. These birds will then be brought together by the end of September and will be distributed around North Sydney during Mental Health Awareness Month for people to find. The idea is for the birds to be found in the same way that a person feels found when they become a part of, or included in, something like a group or a community. People living with mental health problems are often very isolated and don’t feel like they belong anywhere, so it as if we are making these birds for them in the hope that some will feel more included and found by being a part of this community project.

I am one of the facilitators running a group making these birds. The Monday Art Group I run is a group of adults all living with Mental Health issues who come together weekly to create art with me and we have begun this term with the theme of birds and are now making bookmarks that will be randomly hidden in the Stanton Library for people to find in October.

Check out Lost Birds Found – North Sydney on Facebook.

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