Laura 2015 

This website reflects my passion for being a part of the change that I always dreamed of.


Bringing in

a new era of



It is a way of sharing all the wonderful things I have in my life. Art, Writing, Meditation, Labyrinths, Spirituality and some the most wonderful people and connections I have made. They have been mentors, teachers and friends. They are all living their lives through their passion and are modeling how we can each make a difference in this world. This website is a portal for making connections, finding information and sharing passions.

I am a writer, artist, healer and creator. I have been working in the transpersonal world of spirituality for over 25 years, running workshops, meditation groups, counseling and facilitating. I have given presentations on symbolism, finding the sacred in the ordinary, and the power of unlocking the creator in each one of us.

I have won awards for my art and poetry, published a set of affirmation cards called Pearls of Wisdom; exhibited and sold my glass works as well as written about, run workshops and built labyrinths. My passion is to release and express creativity, both in myself and in others. Creativity often reveals choices that we were previously unaware of having, thus empowering us to make healthier and bolder decisions that enhance the quality of life.

My continuing spiritual journey and growth is based on the principles of inclusivity and healing duality. A guiding principle is that we have been given free choice and it is up to us individually, to use that free choice with discernment. It is a balance between living life fully as a human being and being present in a way that facilitates the evolution of consciousness and awareness of the divine within.